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School Bus Tracking

One of the major concerns for school authorities and parents nowadays is the safety and security of students while commuting from school as well as inside the school premises. GPS Champ software takes an important step in that direction. GPS Champ offers school bus tracking solution with camera and RFID tracking for students. It also effectively bridges the communication gap between parents, mentors and students. GPS Champ software ensures the safety of students and employee with RFID technology for tracking in and out of the bus. The school bus tracking solution generates notifications for any unplanned move or unscheduled stops.Identify any suspicious scenario by tracking students while boarding/de-boarding their bus. In-transit attendance on each route.GPS Champ app is available both as Web App and Mobile App so that users can use it anytime, regardless of where they are.Timely SMS or notifications about unscheduled route, start time and bus delays provide peace of mind for parents. The RFID tracking system saves time in taking attendance and improves accuracy. Alerts school authorities in case students enter restricted areas, are missing from a class or in school after scheduled hours.Parents also notified if their ward moves out of school premises before scheduled time.Powerful wide angle lens HD camera that supports internal and external storage.Wifi cameras can store footage locally and when the bus enters the school premise, automatically push the video to school’s local server.

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Get Advanced Reports for Logic Sensors, Fuel Sensors, Door Sensors etc.

Make In India Mission

The Make in India Mission h as been built on layers of a collaborative effort. We at GPS Champ are committed to Contribute to Make In India Initiate with our expertise and experience in Hardware & Software Technologies.

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