Civilian Applications of GPS Technology

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Civilian Applications of GPS

The Global Positioning System (GPS) technology has advanced in leaps and bounds in just a few decades. This technology has indelibly impacted such areas of human activity as road transport, aviation, shipping, rail transport, security, heavy vehicle guidance, surveying, mapping, geophysics, telecommunication services, financial services and social activities. To name but a few!

This marvelous digital technology is transmitted absolutely free of cost from earth orbiting satellites (certainly a God Send for all of us!) where its signals are beamed directly to low cost receiver hand chipsets. This has made the GPS technology very affordable to all civilian applications. Consider the following areas of GPS applications:

Road Transport

GPS technology enables all kinds of vehicles to accurately navigate their travel paths, choose their travel routes, identify their locations at any given time on their route and identify land marks. This indeed is a boon to all drivers of all vehicles when traveling within a city or from city to city. Another very important feature that GPS technology offers its end users is a 24/7 vehicle tracking and monitoring system. GPS technology enables fleet transport owners to monitor their vehicles at any given time, be it day or night time. For private owner vehicles, the family member driving the vehicle can be conveniently tracked and monitored by other family members at any given time of the day or night. The tracking and monitoring software for the GPS device is very conveniently downloaded on smart phone handsets and / or tablets for immediate, clear and uninterrupted signal reception. The GPS software can be conveniently downloaded on many smart phone handsets or tablets that would enable more than one viewer to track and monitor the vehicle driver. The GPS trackers are miniature wireless devices that are installed in a particular location within the vehicle so that it is properly concealed. In the case of vehicle theft or carjacking the vehicle thief or criminal will be unable to see the GPS tracking and monitoring device and therefore will not be aware of its presence. What is even very important is that the entire travel route and the last detected location of the stolen vehicle can be very easily shared with the local police for their investigative tracking and recovery of your vehicle.

In more advanced GPS tracker device systems, light or heavy vehicles can be accurately monitored for such vital parameters as driver behavior, fuel capacity and consumption, door open and shut alerts, image monitoring – transmission of camera images, both internal and external, to smart phone. Another Special GPS advance technology enabled components to monitor driver and passenger attendance and presence can be installed on city tourist and interstate coaches. These components include Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Bio Metrics Identification. These GPS enabled technologies allow for monitoring driver and passenger attendance through multiple transits that are enroute to the final destination.

In the case of heavy duty container vehicles that carry such items as food perishables (which require a constant and steady internal temperature), the internal container temperature can be monitored by the driver as well as the remote monitoring station right through the journey or at any given time enroute to the destination.

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