GPS Tracking in Vijayawada

GPS Tracking in Vijayawada

GPS Champ offers incredibly Powerful Software along with thoroughly tested, Made In India GPS Tracking Devices. With state-of-the-art Architecture and Intuitive User Interface, you get the best of both the worlds!

  • 1. Real Time Monitoring with High Accuracy
  • 2. Advanced Sensors like Door Alarms, Fuel Level, AC etc
  • 3. Integrated Camera for Live Images from Moving Vehicles
  • 4. API Access for Third Party Integration
  • 5. Most Advanced IoT Solutions
  • 6. Software Available as SAAS, On-Cloud & On-Premise.

Powerful Mobile Apps

GPS Tracking Apps Available for Android and iOS Platforms.


1. Real Time Location

Get Accurate and Precise Location of your Vehicles/Assets/Kids.

2. Intuitive Interface Design

User Interface is extremely easy to use even for kids and elderly people.

3. Advanced Custom Reports

Get Advanced Reports for Logic Sensors, Fuel Sensors, Door Sensors etc.

Make In India Mission

The Make in India Mission has been built on layers of a collaborative effort. We at GPS Champ are committed to Contribute to Make In India Initiate with our expertise and experience in Hardware & Software Technologies.

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Businesss Solutions

We offer Flexible fully Customizable GPS Software from user account management device control to flexible billing, platform customization and Software Integration.

Industry Applications

The impact of GPS Tracking Devices in India is immeasurable for Logistics Industry. GPS technology is more than just a tool that helps drivers go from one location to another. Not to mention it plays a big role in the transformation of the logistics industry, providing businesses efficient tools needed to meet customers’ requirements.
Fleet Management

GPS tracking system allows Fleet Management Professionals to make the best use of their assets, to reduce costs and improve productivity. In addition, real time vehicle location helps them to operate efficiently.

Employee Management

Tracking employees™ locations and activity through GPS is a great way to improve their efficiency coupled with monitoring overtime and compliance with labour laws. It also helps in Verifying that time records are accurate, company policies are followed and employees are engaging in the safe behaviour.

 School Bus Tracking

Both parents, as well as school administrators, benefit from GPS-based school bus or vehicle tracking systems. Parents can track their kid’s exact location any time while traveling to school. School Administrators can see the Driver behavior and Vehicle Speeds at any time.

Asset Tracking

GPS Asset tracking device allows you to monitor your valuable business assets. It’s helpful to supervise the use of your products, equipment and vehicles in real-time. In addition, you can also track misplaced items too.

Personal Tracking

Losing a child is the most terrible thing that can happen to any parent. The grief it causes is unimaginable. You would wish you could freeze the time until your child is found. With this in mind, we offer GPS Personal Trackers that can be worn by children as a watch, making it look like just another accessory. This monitoring device that can track a child’s whereabouts as well as allow parents to set up a virtual fence or safe zone for their kids.


The south Indian city of Vijayawada is a mix of caves, temples, rivers and islands. A most rare but most welcome showcase of natural and man-made beauty. Vijayawada is located in the south Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. The people of Andhra Pradesh speak Telegu, which is one of the four major south Indian languages. Vijayawada. Like the northern city of Delhi, has its old and new regions – so we have old Vijayawada with its old towns and old cultures, and new Vijayawada which is fast trendsetting to the global culture of today. Speaking of islands, Bhavni island is the largest and most secluded islands of Vijayawada - certainly the most ideal place for peaceful meditation and contemplation. No traffic jams, traffic noise, vehicle honking, street hawkers, beggar children, etc. There is a hill on Bhavni island which affords a commanding view of the city to the climber – it is not a very high hill that is exhaustively costly, but certainly an excellent viewing retreat for back packers and the like. You can stimulate the religious in you with a visit to the Kanaka Durga and Paritala Anjaneya Swami temples where a different kind of peace pervades the atmosphere. Take a detour to visit the age-old wind-crafted caves of Undavalli and digest the sheer artistry of nature at its best. Visit these wonderful places with using your GPS software on your smart phone.

GPS Champ is a Delhi based manufacturing and marketing company for GPS tracker devices that connect with a specially developed GPS software downloaded on a mobile phone, tablet or laptop. Google us for more information.  

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