CRPF Vehicles Tracking

The Central Reserve Police Force is the largest of India's Central Armed Police Forces. It functions under the aegis of Ministry of Home Affairs of the Government of India. The CRPF's primary role lies in assisting the State/Union Territories in police operations to maintain law and order and counter insurgency.


Being India's largest Armed Police force, CRPF has a huge fleet of Vehicles ranging from Buses, Trucks, Pickups, Cranes etc. It became difficult to keep track of all the Vehicles on same Platform. They started searching for a GPS Company that could put their entire fleet on same GPS Software by installing GPS Trackers in all the Vehicles. 


GPS Champ studied the problem in depth and offered a total and reliable tracking and monitoring solution using advanced RFiD enabled Tracker devices. To do this, GPS Champ custom designed special GPS enabled tracker devices to fit securely inside the Vehicles.    


GPS Installations resulted in the live, accurate and comprehensive tracking of CRPF Vehicles. It also helped to curb fuel theft, Vehicles Misuse etc. CRPF benefited from the GPS Solution as they could Optimize the routes of Vehicles using real time locations.

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