Fleet Management

Road fleet transport companies, especially those with a large quantity of heavy vehicles that are engaged in the transportation of goods and passengers over long distances constantly need to track, monitor and secure the qualitative technicalities of their vehicles, the professionalism of their drivers and the safety and security of their passengers and cargo goods. This enables the fleet transport company to ensure the quality of its services as well as to ensure cost-budgeting procedures.

It is pretty obvious that once the coach, bus or goods truck is on the highway to its destination, the fleet transportation company has virtually no directional control over the safety, security and alert potentials of its vehicles, goods, passengers and vehicle staff. In case of vehicle on-route breakdowns, road accidents, on-board passenger altercations, driver medical incapacity, road crimes, etc., there is very little or no help that can be urgently extended towards the vehicle driver or the passengers. Although cell phones are of benefit for vehicle-to-head office or vehicle-to-police communications, however, cell phones will not be able to transmit travel route mappings, vital and emergency alerts, camera monitoring services, etc which are so important to police verifications and follow-ups. Comprehensive tracking, monitoring and alerting of the target vehicle is only possible through GPS technology. 

Now, with the installation of the GPS Champ tracking devices on fleet vehicles, the fleet transportation company can be assured of comprehensive tracking, monitoring, alerting and vehicle / staff and security evaluation. It will also help the serving company to budget its operational expenditures.

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