Tow Truck Tracking

Towing of trucks and all other vehicles, light or heavy vehicles, which have been parked at illegal locations in a city, highway, residential colony or high security area is an important and necessary service that the local police performs at all times of the day. The local police regularly contracts vehicle towing services to private transportation companies. The GPS Champ tracker enables the private contractor to regularly track and monitor the travel route of his towing vehicle, allows him check the engine running time of the vehicle and to note fuel consumption of towing vehicle while it is on duty.

The acquisition of these data inputs by the GPS tracker enables the owner of the towing vehicle to compute the fuel efficiency of the towing vehicle engine and to thereby budget the cost of running and maintaining the tow vehicle; it also helps him to determine the depreciation level of the tow vehicle based on the level and frequency of its operations as well as to compute the replacement of the vehicle’s spare parts.   

Dependent on the quantity and sizes of the towing vehicles and the adequate quantity of GPS trackers installed in the vehicles, the owner can pretty much ratio the investments and maintenances of his tow vehicles to his expected profits. Hence, GPS trackers are a productive source of investment to the vehicle tow owner.

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