Courier & Logistics Management 

Very often courier companies contract to manage the delivery of expensive parcels and cargo to various intercity or interstate destinations, where these goods vary in dimensions, size, weight volume and fragility. Due to the high monetary value of the parcel or cargo, the dispatching cargo company or the courier company needs to ensure the safety and the security of the goods or items. In such cases the customer is totally dependent on the courier or cargo company for the safety and the security of the parcel or goods in question; in such a situation, the customer is unable to track and monitor the condition of the goods (especially when the goods are dependent on pre-calibrated temperature maintenance while enroute to its destination), except for the brief internet updates that he or she receives from the courier or logistics company from time to time. 

GPS Champ has a specially manufactured device called the Asset Tracker, which is specifically engineered to track and monitor the temperature of the courier or parcel or cargo from point of dispatch to point of arrival, using digitized interactive tracking.

The specially engineered GPS Champ Asset Tracker Device can be conveniently attached to the high monetary value parcels or cargo in order to ensure that it is effectively tracked and temperature monitored on its pre-determined dispatch routes. The tracker accurately transmits data on the courier’s travel route, the various transit locations and their location time arrivals in order to ensure scheduled punctuality along the travel route.


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