GMT 600 GPS Tracker

  • Dust Resistant
  • Live Tracking (min 5 secs)
  • Ignition Detection (On/Off)
  • Theft Alert – In built battery
  • Over Speeding Alert
  • Geo-Fencing – Zone and Route
  • Network Loss Alert
  • Remote Engine Cut Off
  • Door Alert
  • AC Alert
  • SOS
  • Temperature Alert
  • Fuel Alert
  • Driver Behavior
  • Camera (internal - still images) Qty-4
  • RFID – Driver and Passenger
  • I-Button
  • Bio-Metric
Rs. 9,499

Rs. 10,999

(Inclusive of shipping & taxes)

GMT 600 GPS Tracker Features

Multiple Camera supporting tracker

Camera along with identification (RFID/Fingerprint)

Multiple Analog and digital inputs.

Ignition ACC Alerts

Temperature sensing

Engine Cut-off


Fuel Level


This tracking feature comprises of identification of drivers and passengers through the digitized identification system of thumb impression prior to boarding and is used for coaches and buses. This tracking and monitoring system ensures that the drivers and all the booked passengers have boarded the vehicle at any given point in the course of the journey from origin to destination.


This is another GPS technology enabled system to ensure the authentic identification and presence of the coach or bus drivers as well as all the traveling passengers prior to boarding the vehicle. This GPS digitized system consists of a plastic tag holder with an embedded metal button which transmits personal data of the tag holder to the electronic receptor.

Driver Behaviour

The advanced GPS technology tracker enables the monitoring person to view and record driver behavior at any given time and location on the road, in the course of the vehicle’s travel route from point of origin to point of destination. The tracker device records such vital vehicle analytical inputs as over speeding, high acceleration, high breaking, high speed cornering and U-Turns

RFID - Driver and Passanger

This tracking device feature is best used for heavy vehicles in the transportation of passengers as it enables the monitoring person to determine that the authentic drivers as well as the authentic passengers have boarded the vehicle for the journey. This tracking and monitoring system comprises a card reader which every occupant of the bus or coach carries with him or her. This ensures total management control by the company.

Make In India Mission

The Make in India Mission h as been built on layers of a collaborative effort. We at GPS Champ are committed to Contribute to Make In India Initiate with our expertise and experience in Hardware & Software Technologies.


Can I use multiple cameras and RFID together?

Yes you can connect multiple camera to the GPS Champ Model GMT600 because it has a multi com box containing 4 RS 232 ports through which you can connect either 4 camera or 3 camera,1 RFID or 2 cameras, or 2 RFID respectively.

What are the benefits of driver behavior detection facility?

The driver behavior detection facility of the GPS Champ tracker transmits vital information to the owner of the vehicle or the company monitoring station in connection with the professional and personal behavior of the driver or drivers of light or heavy vehicles. Such transmission data include vital inputs as high vehicle acceleration, high driving speeds, high speed sharp turns, harsh and sudden braking, driver visual negligence in regard to speed breakers when driving at high speeds that can lead to axle and other under carriage damages. With connected external cameras the monitor can also observe the driver’s responsibility when overtaking other vehicles, stopping at red lights, stopping at railway crossings, slowing down near children’s schools, etc.

What is the I-Button? How does it work?

An I-Button is a GPS enabled passenger and driver information transmitting device, issued to the driver and to each passenger by the coach or bus transportation company, prior to the commencement of the journey. The I-Button consists of a metallic button embedded plastic tag containing a unique identification number (UID) of the passenger. The passenger touches the I-Button to the GPS Champ installed I-Button receptor located on the side of the coach or bus door, prior to him or her boarding the coach. This passenger UID is then digitally transmitted to the I-Button receptor system thereby authenticating, registering and validating the passenger for the journey. Similarly, the driver’s personal details are authenticated, registered, validated and permitted, through the GPS enabled I – Button Receptor system, to drive the coach for that particular journey. The vital authentication data of the driver/s and the passengers are digitally transmitted to the owner or monitoring station of the vehicle fleet.

Can I control my vehicle using biometric sensor?

Yes, the biometric sensor can be used for both purposes, i.e. attendance, registering and recording of the driver/s and passengers, and for vehicle tracking, monitoring and control. The vehicle will not start unless and until the driver will communicate his company authenticated details by touching his finger to the biometric sensor.

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