History Reports

The GPS enabled live-track recording, analysis, maintenance and archiving of a vehicle’s history as well as the history of the vehicle driver is of key importance to a road transport company. In the maintenance of the historical data of the vehicle and driver, the transport company can benefit itself in two major areas: (1) evaluation of the vehicle and driver (2) experiential data accumulation of drivers and vehicles for future vehicle purchase and driver employment. It is certainly advisable for a road transport company to employ a motor mechanic especially for long distance travel; in this case the motor mechanic will need to be live-tracked using the same GPS enabled technology in order to evaluate his on the job performance as well as his professional advice to the driver in the course of the journey. The acquired tracking experience will also help the transport company to accurately evaluate new motor mechanic interviewees.

 The video viewing and map tracking through the cell phone can be recorded for appropriate viewing and text presentations. The videos can be stored on CDs for later viewing and analysis / explanations while the map tracking can be printed on paper with the accompanying explanatory texts.

 The history reports can also be extended to include coach passenger behaviors, especially when traveling on long distance routes. This will enable the transport company to evaluate the habits and cultures of the traveling passengers so that certain provisions, paid for or complimentary, can be provided to soothe the monotony of long distance travel.

 In order to live video track the coach passengers and the passengers, video cameras will need to be installed in the coaches for regular or periodic monitoring. Depending on the sophistication of the installed tracker device in the vehicle, two or more video cameras can be installed in the passenger coach or in a goods truck for clear, comprehensive and detailed viewing of the objects – be it humans or goods.

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