The conventional system of check-in for coach passengers for intercity, interstate or local transportation is manually done by the appointed conductor of the coach transport company, using a passenger check-in register book. While this conventional system maybe a fairly feasible system of ensuring passenger check-in for in-city transport, it is certainly not feasible for intercity or interstate transport, especially when large numbers of passengers check-in, not only at the city of origin but also at the various transit station boarding points that are enroute to the final destination.

The Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system designed, developed and marketed by GPS Champ for the use of passenger check-in records and for immediate GPS enabled digitized transmission of passenger check-in data to the coach company’s monitoring station is of tremendous benefit to the coach passenger transportation company. The GPS Champ RFID system records and stores the finger print data of the boarding passenger. This data is then transmitted to the passenger tracking and monitoring station of the coach transport company for verification, recording and storage. The GPS enabled RFID system ensure that there is absolute 100% proof of the authenticity of the boarding coach passenger.    

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