Fuel Monitoring

With the invariable escalation in the cost of fuel of all kinds, both, big and small businesses are engaged in the search for new and fuel efficient technologies that include new machines or new machine / engine parts. However, it needs to be noted that the new fuel efficient technologies and machines are one part of the cost-benefit ratio story; it has been noted that the constant tracking and monitoring of the machines and engines is as vital as the investment of new machines and engines.Constant and accurate supervision of heavy duty land and sea vehicles, earth moving machines for construction and agriculture, is not only impossible by simple using human resources but also inaccurate in feedback with low operational duration owing to comparatively low human observational and alertness incapacity.

GPS Champ, one of the major pioneers in the design, manufacture and marketing of tracking and monitoring devices offer a comprehensive and reliable solution for the tracking of fuel consumption and fuel consumption patterns. The company manufactures various fuel tracking models for use in light and heavy vehicles as well as for heavy earth moving and stationary machinery. The fuel tracking and monitoring can be accurately tracked, monitored and recorded for immediate and future analysis and inferences. This will lead to key cost-reduction measures of the machines / engines.          

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