How GPS Technology can save your vehicle from getting stolen.

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If you haven’t secured your vehicle with hi-tech anti-theft devices, you will surely do it as soon as you are done with reading this article.

Reportedly, in every 13 minutes, a vehicle was being stolen in the National Capital Region of Delhi alone, which can also be interpreted as 111 vehicles a day and approximately 3500 vehicles a month. Out of the 39,080 vehicles stolen last year, just over 10% of them (4053) vehicles were recovered by police, as per the reports. More than 61% of the vehicles stolen last year were two-wheelers. The stolen vehicles included 29,804 two- wheelers, 7,047 cars and 2,229 other vehicles, police said, adding that only 5,649 vehicle lifters were arrested.

Non-availability of parking spaces in residential areas, indifference of owners, reluctance to spend on safety devices were cited as reasons behind the rise in number of vehicle thefts in the city. Sadly, this not something we can change, but what we can do is the work towards a viable security system of our vehicles so as to ensure that the required security measurements are taken so that stolen vehicle can be traced, monitored and retrieved for the benefit of the owner and society in general.

The GPS enabled tracking and monitoring technology is an important discovery that is being gradually introduced to provide live digitized tracking and live video monitoring of vehicles. This enables the owner of a vehicle or vehicles to ensure that their vehicles are constantly tracked and monitored.

There are many companies in India, like GPS Champ who are manufacturing different types of GPS Trackers for different types of problems. There are a lot of benefits of installing a GPS tracker in your vehicles. GPS Trackers provides you Real Time (live tracking) Monitoring of your vehicle with a high level of accuracy. It also has a lot of advanced alert sensors like door alarms, fuel level alerts and fuel consumption alerts, etc. Now the biggest question which arises here is that what a door alarm does. Door alarms at times can be the utmost and important sensor. What it does is that as soon as the door lock is unlocked, an SMS notification alert is generated and sent to the registered mobile number of the owner, alerting him or her that the door lock of his or her car has been unlocked. Now here comes the crucial task. If the unlocking of car is in the knowledge of the concerned person then it’s well and good and if this is not in the knowledge of the concerned person then that means someone is in the process of stealing the vehicle. Now, what the owner of the car can do is that he can cut off the ignition of his car remotely from anywhere in the world and the car will automatically freeze wherever it is. In addition, the exact location of the vehicle will also be sent to the registered mobile number as soon the car freezes, and this is how the owner can secure his car from thefts. This can also be done for two wheelers but the only difference is that there would be no SMS notification alert generated for opening the door, as there is as such no door in any of the two wheelers but an alert would definitely be generated whenever the ignition is switched on. Rest all the process remains the same.

Apart from that, this device by GPS Champ also consists of a two way communication system using an attached microphone and a speaker. This is very useful so that if one needs to alert the driver of the car in cases of disobedience the traffic rules. Depending on the model of the GPS tracker, there is an additional feature called the SOS Button or the Panic Button. What this button does is that in times of trouble the driver of the vehicle can press the SOS or Panic Button and an SMS notification message will be sent to all those who are registered in the Emergency Contact List, thereby alerting them to an emergency, and communicating the exact location of the vehicle.


There is another feature known as Live Tracking. This feature enables the owner to keep a track of his vehicle from anywhere around the world by simply referring to his user friendly GPS enabled cell phone software. Geo-fencing is another important feature that enables the tracking person to create a virtual safe boundary on his or her cell phone application software. This feature alerts the tracking person as to his or her vehicle’s entry or exit within or from the digitally configured zone. Apart from this, there’s another feature known as the Route History, in which you can retrieve and study the route which your vehicle has taken to reach its destination.

There are also many other features that are present but only in few of the most advanced models and these include Fuel Level alerts, fuel consumption alerts, Temperature alerts, camera live tracking, etc. These GPS enabled devices are generally waterproof, dustproof and shock proof.


The GPS tracker devices are quite decently priced and hence affordable to all vehicle owners. The miracle of this technology will only become a true reality when vehicle owners begin to get serious about the safety of their vehicles and initiate do some deep soul searching for their own sakes and for the sake of a more sane civilization.

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