Fuel Theft Alerts - Fuel Theft and fuel filling reports

The GPS Champ trackers are engineered to transmit real time data (or live tracking) of the vehicle’s fuel consumption to the tracking and monitoring person who may be located at any part of the world. The tracked vehicle could be a car, truck, earth moving vehicle or agriculture vehicle, etc. The specially designed high-sensitivity sensors are the key component of the tracking device which is installed in the vehicle. The orbiting process and synchronicity of the orbiting satellites enable the tracking and monitoring persons to view the fuel level and fuel consumption data with ease and transparency. This data enables the tracking and monitoring staff to file comprehensive hard or soft copy reports in fuel levels and fuel consumption, thereby ensuring a fuel consumption pattern for strict observations, analyses and inferences. This will in turn enable the vehicle fleet owners to censure the vehicle drivers for fuel thefts or negligence in fuel management.

These days, a lot of commercial and personal vehicles are targeted by criminals for the siphoning fuel from the vehicle’s fuel tank. In fact it has been reported by various transport companies as well as some individual vehicle owners that the fuel from their vehicles has been siphoned off while enroute to a given destination. This is certainly not a novel phenomenon but on the contrary a crime that is as old as the invention of the first automobile. However, the crime of fuel thefts has now exponentially increased in the new millennium and psychologists reason that this dramatically new and frightening development is due to the rapid increase in human consumerism and materialism. The buzz word in today’s high-tech criminality is Epicureanism and material acquisitions, which are indeed extensions of consumerism and materialism.

The GPS enabled technologies, especially in the areas of tracking and monitoring vehicles has become a major challenge to the fuel thieving criminals. Today, with frontline GPS tracker manufacturing companies like the Delhi based GPS Champ making a splash in the up-scale markets of cosmopolitan India, the fuel thieves are on the run. However, Delhi based GPS Champ founder-owner, Gaurav Kaushik, says “a lot more research, implementation and campaign awareness has to be done till vehicles owners finally wake up to the need of protecting their vehicle”.         

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