Routes Management

 The choice of travel routes used by passenger coaches, buses and trucks, especially in the case of long distance travel, is an important financially strategic element in the overall cost and expenditure budgeting of a transport company. Shorter destination routes are obviously preferable to longer routes; however, in the case of shorter routes, the vehicle may have to face some driving challenges enroute to its destination when it comes down to smooth driving. In the case of cargo logistics this may not be a major problem; however, in the case of passenger travel road smoothness, shorter duration of travel, fewer stoppages are a major factor for passengers when opting for the right passenger road transport company.

The GPS technology enabled services allow road transport companies to digitally check out the various road routes involving various departure points to various destination points  when opting for an optimal commercial transport plan. The GPs enabled technology provides such vital cost-benefit information as road distances from points of origin to points of destination, as well as distances and time approximations between intermediate points of departures and arrivals that are enroute to the turnaround destination.

The tracking of cargo or passenger road vehicles is conveniently tracked using the GPS enabled, user friendly software, which is conveniently downloaded on smart cell phones. Personal and commercial vehicles can be conveniently tracked at anytime of the day and at from any location in the world. GPS Champ, one of India’s reputed companies engaged in the qualitative manufacture of GPS trackers, has a proven record of successful tracking of passenger and cargo vehicles.

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