GPT 06 GPS Tracker

  • Water and Dust Resistant
  • Live Tracking (min 5 secs)
  • SOS Alert
  • Geo-Fencing – Zone and Route
  • Network Loss Alert
  • Low Battery Alert
  • Charger included
  • Small in Size (comes with keychain)
  • Operation Time 24 hours – Full Charge
  • Charging Time – 3 Hours
Rs. 5,499


(Inclusive of shipping & taxes)

GPT 06 GPS Tracker Features

GPS+LBS+WIFI positioning

Geofence, protect the kid's safety and keep you a peace of mind.

SOS button send out exact location for immediate action call.

Ultra-low power consumption of power management

Historical track, you can check three months track.

Waterproof Level:IP65

Small Size and Lightweight, With a Keychain easy to hide or carry on.

Suitable for elders, kids, pets, suitcase etc.

Lightweight GPS Tracker

GPT06 is the lightest GPS tracker for kids and elders which is very small in size and very light weighted. It is very feasible to carry in the pocket or as a keychain.

Live Location On Mobile

You can keep your eyes on your keds and elders even if you are outside your home. You can Open the mobile App provided to you there you can see exactly where are they. In case of movement also, you can see where are they moving.

Emergency SOS Button

GPT06 has a SOS button on top which can be used in emergency situation. Just by pressing the SOS button, parents will get the alerts on their mobile phone along with the current location where SOS button is pressed.

Geo-Fencing for Safe Zone

You can mark a particular area of safe zone for your kids and elders so that you get the alert if they are leaving that zone/area. In the same way you can mark a particular route also. If they deviate from that route you get notification for that.

Make In India Mission

The Make in India Mission h as been built on layers of a collaborative effort. We at GPS Champ are committed to Contribute to Make In India Initiate with our expertise and experience in Hardware & Software Technologies.


Is it safe to use the personal tracker for kids?

Yes, It is completely safe to use the GPS Champ GPT 06 for kids. This device undoubtedly increases the safety of the kids by faithfully and constantly transmitting and recording vital digital information as regards their locations and route coverage. This device enables parents, grandparents and other family members to track the location of the children when they are outside home.

What is the benefit of the one-way calling facility on the GPS Champ GPT 06?

The benefit of the one-way calling on the GPS Champ GPT 06 is that this function enables you to listen clearly to the sounds emanating from within the vicinity of the location of your kids. This means that you simply need to initiate a call from your cell phone application software.

Can I see the route of my child?

Yes, you can see the route travelled by your child. You can also set a pre-determined and particular route for your child’s ambulation, such that if your child digresses from this route, you will be accordingly be alerted on your cell phone.

What is the length of the operational time for the GPS Champ GPT 06  after full charge?

After full charge, the GPS Champ GPT 06 can operate for time period between 24-48 hours, depending on the usage of the frequency and length of usage of the device. This device can work for 100 hours in the Standby Mode.

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