GPT 03 GPS Tracker

  • Lightweight GPS Tracking device for small kids, pets & vehicles
  • View Location any time on Mobile Phone
  • International Quality, Designed in Finland
  • Works with Android, Windows & iPhone
  • Lightweight GPS Tracking device for small kids, pets & vehicles
  • View Location any time on Mobile Phone
Rs. 5.499

Rs. 6,499

(Inclusive of shipping & taxes)

GPT 03 GPS Tracker Features

GPS+LBS Positioning

Ultra-low power consumption of power management

Destination point can be set maximum 16 points

Provide the direction and distance to the destination

Ideal for Drift/Camping/Hiking/Climbing

Waterproof IP67, ABS body

With back-lit display

Compact, easy to carry

Lightweight GPS Tracker

GPT03 is the lightest GPS tracker for kids and elders which is very small in size and very light weighted. It is very feasible to carry in the pocket or as a keychain.

Live Location On Mobile

You can keep your eyes on your keds and elders even if you are outside your home. You can Open the mobile App provided to you there you can see exactly where are they. In case of movement also, you can see where are they moving.

Emergency SOS Button

GPT03 has a SOS button on top which can be used in emergency situation. Just by pressing the SOS button, parents will get the alerts on their mobile phone along with the current location where SOS button is pressed.

Geo-Fencing for Safe Zone

You can mark a particular area of safe zone for your kids and elders so that you get the alert if they are leaving that zone/area. In the same way you can mark a particular route also. If they deviate from that route you get notification for that.

Make In India Mission

The Make in India Mission h as been built on layers of a collaborative effort. We at GPS Champ are committed to Contribute to Make In India Initiate with our expertise and experience in Hardware & Software Technologies.


What Can I Track Using GPS Champ one ?
GPS Champ One can be used to track your small children, pets, dementia patients and vehicles.
Is GPS Champ Safe?
Yepzon One is Completely Safe for your children/pets.The amount of electromagnetic radiation Yepzon transmits is comparable to a cell phone. To further enhance safety Yepzon One uses Li Po batteries which are much safer than the conventional batteries used in Cellphones today.
Do i need purchase a sim card like i  do for  other GPS tracker to insert in GPS Champ  One For connectivity?
GPS Champ Comes with free inbuilt Vodafone IOT Sim Card.
What added functionality does Bluetooth add to GPS Champ one ?
With GPS you can know which building the Tracker is located but with the help of Blueooth you can know exactly which room in the building is the Yepzon One Present once its in range of your phone bluetooth
Why is there no option to insert sim card or any screws to open GPS Champ One?
In Order to make Yepzon One Waterproof , Shockproof and Dustproof thus ensuring durability and long life

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