Alerts and Notifications

The GPS enabled software in the smart cell phones features audio-alerts as well as texts alert notifications. This means that the tracking and monitoring person will receive audio sound alerts as well as a text notification that will alert him or her to the nature of the alert, whatever that alert maybe.

There are various kinds of alerts that the GPS enabled tracker device will transmit – this is known as multi-alerts configuration and covers the following areas of alert, one of which is the vehicle fuel capacity audio and notification alert – this means that the tracking person will be alerted when the fuel in a vehicle, be it a two wheeler, three wheeler, four wheeler of a heavy vehicle, for that matter, will reach a critical level fuel capacity that would cause the driver of the vehicle to be stranded in the middle of nowhere. Although it is certainly true that all motor vehicles have fuel indicators, however, there are times when the driver of the vehicle may have forgotten to check his vehicle fuel level or that the vehicle’s fuel indicator may have malfunctioned so as to give a wrong fuel level indication level, or perhaps the fuel indicator may not be working.    

Other GPS enabled alerts include the Geo Fencing alert - this is a facility that allows you to configure a digitized personal or restricted virtual reality area which would alert you to any unauthorized entrances and exits, be it a vehicle, person, child or animal. The alert feature of this technology will transmit a strong audio warning sound on the smart phone so that your attention is immediately and directly focused at the alert. The intrusion audio alert will depend on the various sound notifications that have been pre-configured on the smart phone.

Other alerts include vehicle battery alerts, travel route alerts, temperature alerts, SOS alerts, door alerts and engine alerts. Briefly, the battery alert system allows the monitoring person to track the battery levels and to be alerted when any critical low battery energy is about to happen. Temperature alerts pertain to a specialized GPS tracker device that is installed in the air conditioned container of a truck that is carrying perishable food items for which the temperature has to be maintained at a constant level to ensure the freshness of the food. In the case of travel route alerts, alerts will be transmitted when the vehicle mistakenly goes off the chosen route. Door alerts are transmitted by the tracker device whenever there is an unauthorized opening of the vehicle doors. Engine alerts occur when there is unauthorized start of the vehicle’s engine – this alert feature allows the owner of the vehicle to turn off the engine, after which the engine cannot be started by the ignition key. The SOS alert is a distress alert that is transmitted manually by a person when experiencing an immediate and clear danger.   

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