Waste Management Tracking

Waste management vehicles are required to establish and maintain a high level of punctuality as regards the collection and disposal of garbage from their pre-determined pick-up locations. Invariably, traffic jams, VIP movements, high intensity monsoon rains and community / communal protests can hamper the punctuality schedules of the waste management companies and this often time leads to customer complaints aggravated by malodorous zones of putrefying garbage.

The GPS Champ tracker ensures complete, clear, accurate and comprehensible data communications between vehicles and the monitoring and tracking centers. This high level communication allows the monitoring station staff to track, monitor and advise the driver to take alternative routes in order to reach the destinations.

In addition to the above, the monitoring station also keeps a constant check on the travel route of the waste management vehicles, the engine running time, the fuel levels, the fuel consumption, the various alerts such as SOS, over speeding, high accelerations, harsh breaking, high speed cornering, etc. In tracking these data, the company is able to configure a picture of the driver’s attitude towards driving and his response towards sudden emergencies that crop up from time to time.  

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