Ritesh Chauhan Copied Designs from GPS Champ Mobile App – Lawsuit Filed

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Mr. Ritesh Chauhan  has been notified about the recent Data & Design theft of Mobile App from GPSChamp. It came to our notice when one of our clients alerted us that Ritesh Chauhan has recently launched his Mobile App which looks exactly similar to GPSChamp’s App.

A legal proceeding has been initiated under Information Technology Act, 2000. “We have notified the concerned authorities about this and we are hoping to see quick action very soon. – the lawyer alleged.

The company also alleges that Mr. Ritesh Chauhan was asked to leave the company last year when Company’s Stock worth of over INR 15 Lakhs was recovered from his Honda City car which was stolen from the office premises. “He reached office early morning all of a sudden and switched off CCTV Cameras before picking up the Stock without taking any permission. He stopped answering calls and kept lying of his whereabouts on messages. It was later recovered from his car after 2 days when i myself reached the spot and got hold of him. ” said the CEO.

We had received many complaints of fake promises/ false sales tactics in the past which we ignored with simple warnings. One of our Distributor from Goa reported that Mr. Ritesh Chauhan took a cheque of INR 2 Lakhs  which he never submitted to the company. We quickly asked the client to issue Stop Payment from the Bank so as to prevent any loss.

We hereby request/alert all the people in GPS Industry to beware of who you deal with. Many times Customers fall prey to Cheap/Free Deals and later realize that quality product & good service comes at a price. We recently came to know that he is approaching GPS Dealers & Distributors for free software and cheap devices. He is calling all our existing customers too. Please beware of it & don’t fall for such scams.






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