Heavy Equipment Tracking

Heavy machinery equipments such as earth moving equipments, for example cranes, bull dozers, tractors, wheel loaders, hydraulic excavators, etc. which use large quantities of fuel, high battery power and high usage of components need to be supervised to ensure optimal operationality. Unnecessary or improper usage of these huge machines lead to wasteful consumption of fuel, battery power and high depreciation of machinery and hydraulic moving parts, all of which lead to parts and battery replacements and refueling.

It is therefore essential to the contracting company of such vehicle machineries to ensure their optimal usage at the lowest cost and this means constant tracking and monitoring of these huge earth moving machines as well as to budget the cost benefit ratios.

GPS Champ tracker and monitoring devices come in six variants and these can be effectively used to track and monitor such vital cost bearing inputs as travel routes, fuel capacity, fuel consumption, battery levels, battery consumption, mechanical operations of the machines, driver-operator skills and behavior, etc. To arrive at a comprehensive monitoring system, the GPS Champ tracking devices can be connected to high resolution video cameras for live track as well as recorded viewing by the company’s monitoring stations. It has been noted that the employment of the GPS Champ trackers together with the high resolution cameras has indeed optimized the operationality of the heavy machines as well in the drastic reduction of the in the operational costs in the running of the machines.     

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