Driver Behavior

GPS Champ trackers interconnected with high resolution live cameras can provide accurate visual and data information to the transportation company’s head office’s monitoring station in regard to over speeding, high acceleration, harsh braking, high speed cornering, unauthorized stops and parking and stoppage / parking intervals while enroute to the destination. The tracking and monitoring of driver behaviors allows the transportation fleet company to observe, analyze and infer driver behavior and this means the difference between safe travel and transportation or frequent accidents that would cause staff and passenger injury and / or severe vehicle damage. If an auto mechanic also accompanies the vehicle driver, then the mechanic’s professional work can also be evaluated and ascertained through the onboard connected cameras in the course of a vehicle breakdown while enroute to the destination.

Analyzing and inferring driver behavior as well as that of the accompanying road staff such as mechanics, enables the road transportation company to evaluate the professional and operational performance of the driver and the mechanic. Constant and regular tracking and monitoring of the driver and the accompanying mechanic enables the company to ensure at all times that the road fleet transportation company is as conscious as to the quality and health of  its fleet operational staff as it is to the qualitative mechanical technicalities of its vehicles.  

Having good drivers is equally mandatory to a road fleet transportation company as having good quality transportation vehicles.       

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