Temperature Monitoring

Perishable food items such as frozen meats and vegetables need air conditioned containers when they are being transported over long distances. Low temperatures are essential for such kind of perishable items in order to maintain their freshness and tastes, and these low temperatures need to be maintained constantly over long travel distances. A small interruption in the maintenance of these low temperatures can have serious repercussions as to the qualitative freshness of these food products.

In order to keep an accurate check on the correct internal temperatures of these air conditioned truck containers and to alert the driver and the accompanying technicians of any disruption of the internal temperatures of the containers, GPS Champ trackers are firmly installed in the air conditioned containers. The GPS Champ trackers are engineered to provide accurate, comprehensible and immediate feedback to the monitoring station. The GPS Champ trackers, though small, are rugged, heat and water resistant and can work in any kind of environment.

In addition to the assurance of the correct and constant low temperatures in the container for the perishable items, the GPS Champ trackers also ensure to accurately transmit data on the travel route, speed, acceleration and braking patterns, fuel capacity and consumption of the vehicle so that adequate analysis and inferences can be ascertained in regard to the driver and the vehicle in general.

Special GPS Asset Trackers are manufactured to ensure accurate and live-tracking / monitoring of highly perishable goods that are transported in air conditioned containers over long distances by specialized road transporters.

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