Keep track of Your Team from anywhere in the World!

All field staff can be equipped with GPS Personal Tracker so that tracking and guidance in connection with route, landmark and location can be communicated expressly and accurately to the field personnel.

Getting field personnel to use tracking devices is of great help and assistance to the field staff as it allows them to be in constant touch with their tracking and monitoring colleagues at the head or branch office. This enables the office tracking and monitoring staff to advise, guide, enlighten and counsel the field staff as to the optimal and most economic route to reach their destination or destinations.

The Personal Tracker is also helpful to the field personnel in cases of emergency such as road accidents involving bodily injury to the field personnel or to the third party which may have resulted from head on collision between two or more vehicles or between vehicle and pedestrian. The tracking office can immediately request hospital ambulance as well as senior manager to travel expressly to the accident scene.

In cases of road crime or personnel abduction, the field personnel can transmit an SOS to his or her office to convey a distress signal so that immediate action for informing the police can be taken which will result in the police arriving at the crime scene in the least possible time.

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