Geo Fencing - Create In and Out Zones and Alerts

GPS enabled technologies offer the tracking and monitoring person a stunning array of features and facilities. One of the important features is the Geo-Fencing feature – this is a facility that allows you to configure a digitized personal or restricted virtual reality area which would alert you to any unauthorized entrances and exits, be it a vehicle, person, child or animal. The alert feature of this technology will transmit a strong audio warning sound on the smart phone so that your attention is immediately and directly focused at the alert. The intrusion audio alert will depend on the various sound notifications that have been pre-configured on the smart phone

In regard to the commercial and military areas, the geo-fencing security alert is particularly useful for VIP residences, factories, high security office spaces and armed forces sensitive installations. On the personal front, this technology is most appropriate to the supervision and protection of small children, animal pets, straying cattle, reptile predator intrusions, etc. The geo-fencing also alerts one to the unauthorized entrances of thieves and robbers and other types of criminals.

The Geo-Fencing monitoring facility can be modified or re-configured by the viewer or monitoring person to meet the changing requirements of the security area. This means that the geo-fencing monitoring area can be increases or decreased accordingly.

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